About us

We, at hack solo, are buckled down to find, reform and deliver some of the finest and one-of-a-kind gadgets, gizmos and electronic devices along with high tech gear at an equitable price. We offer some exclusive yet handy gadgets and life hacks that add some value to the lives of our customers.

Our manifesto is, “Everyone deserves to get the life they want, the things they want” and these gadgets are here to make that happen.

Our task is to make the life easy for millions of lay people out there struggling with their everyday challenges.

   You will not be the only person benefiting from our products when you buy them. We also support a charity, and a portion of money from every purchase you make is donated to a charitable cause. A gob of your money goes to the poor and the homeless people.

Our gadget will make your life easy while your money will make someone else's life easy at the same time.

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